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Wird Katrin KFI durch das Holzmarktprojekt wieder ganz nach vorne bringen. Chris ist bewusst, gengen schon erschwingliche Gerte wie Slingbox oder PCTV Broadway.

Big Easy

Philipp Fankhauser's Big Easy Unsweetened Iced Tea. NEUHEIT! Frisch aufgebrühter Bio-Eistee. Null Zucker, null Farbstoffe, null Chemie, null Kalorien! The Big Easy – Der große Leichtsinn (Originaltitel: The Big Easy) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Kriminalfilm aus dem Jahr Die Regie führte Jim McBride, das. Herzlich Willkommen im. Big Easy - Bar Cafe Restaurant. 'The Big Easy' heißt eigentlich der große Leichtsinn und soll für eine leichte, lockere und.

The Big Easy

Menu. Von Burgern und Barbecue bis hin zu traditionellen Cajun Gerichten, bieten wir dir verschiedenste Spezialitäten der Südstaaten-Küche. Speisekarte. New Orleans Bar & Restaurant. The Big Easy. Abend- und Erlebnisgastronomie im US-amerikanischen Südstaatenflair. „The Big Easy“ spiegelt die typische. The Big Easy Mainz, Mainz. likes · 38 talking about this · were here. Herzlich Willkommen im BIG EASY!


Ribs in the Charbroil Big Easy Oil Less Fryer

BIG EASY er et Københavnsk social dining firma. Vi tilbyder CAJUN mad og SOULFOOD fra New Orleans og andre specialiteter fra verdenskøkkenet. Det hele er SOCIAL STREET DINING, og vi kommer med vores originale amerikanske foodtruck til jeres event - Book vores foodtruck til catering og street food nu. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the the big easy crossword clue. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. A Sporting Club Like No Other. Spanning 2, rolling acres in the Texas foothills of Colorado County, Big Easy Ranch is among only a select few Orvis™ endorsed and Shooting Sportsman™ endorsed facilities providing the ultimate experience for outdoor sports and golf enthusiasts. Since its debut in , Big Easy Ranch has become widely recognized for its . Galerie The Big Easy. Die Rollencharaktere von Remy McSwain verkörpert von Tony Crane und Anne Osborne gespielt von Susan Walters wurden beibehalten, das übrige Sport1 Sport Clips Wg hingegen wurde komplett geändert. Louisiana Chicken Gumbo leicht scharf. Main article: Culture of New Xbox Gold November. New Orleans is also home to the Fair Grounds Race Coursethe nation's third-oldest thoroughbred track. Flag Seal. Catholic missions ministered to slaves and free people of color and established schools Operation Finale them.

Other possible origins have been attributed to the relaxed attitude New Orleans residents had toward alcohol consumption during Prohibition.

The term might have been coined to credit how one could wander down the street with an open container filled with booze without getting in trouble.

This is all in keeping with the New Orleans tradition of letting the good times roll! Board of Education When six-year-old Ruby Bridges integrated William Frantz Elementary School in the Ninth Ward , she was the first child of color to attend a previously all-white school in the South.

Much controversy preceded the Sugar Bowl at Tulane Stadium , when the Pitt Panthers , with African-American fullback Bobby Grier on the roster, met the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

The game went on as planned [68]. The Civil Rights Movement's success in gaining federal passage of the Civil Rights Act of and the Voting Rights Act of renewed constitutional rights, including voting for blacks.

Together, these resulted in the most far-reaching changes in New Orleans' 20th century history. From , the African American majority elected primarily officials from its own community.

They struggled to narrow the gap by creating conditions conducive to the economic uplift of the African American community. New Orleans became increasingly dependent on tourism as an economic mainstay during the administrations of Sidney Barthelemy — and Marc Morial — Relatively low levels of educational attainment, high rates of household poverty, and rising crime threatened the city's prosperity in the later decades of the century.

In the 20th century, New Orleans' government and business leaders believed they needed to drain and develop outlying areas to provide for the city's expansion.

The most ambitious development during this period was a drainage plan devised by engineer and inventor A.

Baldwin Wood , designed to break the surrounding swamp's stranglehold on the city's geographic expansion. Until then, urban development in New Orleans was largely limited to higher ground along the natural river levees and bayous.

Wood's pump system allowed the city to drain huge tracts of swamp and marshland and expand into low-lying areas. Over the 20th century, rapid subsidence , both natural and human-induced, resulted in these newly populated areas subsiding to several feet below sea level.

New Orleans was vulnerable to flooding even before the city's footprint departed from the natural high ground near the Mississippi River.

In the late 20th century, however, scientists and New Orleans residents gradually became aware of the city's increased vulnerability. In , flooding from Hurricane Betsy killed dozens of residents, although the majority of the city remained dry.

The rain-induced flood of May 8, , demonstrated the weakness of the pumping system. After that event, measures were undertaken to dramatically upgrade pumping capacity.

By the s and s, scientists observed that extensive, rapid, and ongoing erosion of the marshlands and swamp surrounding New Orleans , especially that related to the Mississippi River—Gulf Outlet Canal , had the unintended result of leaving the city more vulnerable than before to hurricane-induced catastrophic storm surges.

New Orleans was catastrophically affected by what Raymond B. Seed called "the worst engineering disaster in the world since Chernobyl ", when the Federal levee system failed during Hurricane Katrina on August 29, As the hurricane passed through the Gulf Coast region , the city's federal flood protection system failed, resulting in the worst civil engineering disaster in American history.

Tens of thousands of residents who had remained were rescued or otherwise made their way to shelters of last resort at the Louisiana Superdome or the New Orleans Morial Convention Center.

More than 1, people were recorded as having died in Louisiana, most in New Orleans, while others remain unaccounted for.

The city was declared off-limits to residents while efforts to clean up after Hurricane Katrina began. The approach of Hurricane Rita in September caused repopulation efforts to be postponed, [77] and the Lower Ninth Ward was reflooded by Rita's storm surge.

Because of the scale of damage, many people resettled permanently outside the area. Federal, state, and local efforts supported recovery and rebuilding in severely damaged neighborhoods.

These estimates are somewhat smaller to a third estimate, based on mail delivery records, from the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center in June , which indicated that the city had regained approximately two-thirds of its pre-Katrina population.

Several major tourist events and other forms of revenue for the city have returned. Large conventions returned. The New Orleans Saints returned that season.

The New Orleans Hornets now named the Pelicans returned to the city for the — season. New Orleans hosted the NBA All-Star Game. Additionally, the city hosted Super Bowl XLVII.

A new annual festival, "The Running of the Bulls New Orleans", was created in On February 7, , a large EF3 wedge tornado hit parts of the eastern side of the city, damaging homes and other buildings, as well as destroying a mobile home park.

At least 25 people were left injured by the event. According to the U. New Orleans was originally settled on the river's natural levees or high ground.

After the Flood Control Act of , the US Army Corps of Engineers built floodwalls and man-made levees around a much larger geographic footprint that included previous marshland and swamp.

Over time, pumping of water from marshland allowed for development into lower elevation areas. Today, half of the city is at or below local mean sea level, while the other half is slightly above sea level.

Evidence suggests that portions of the city may be dropping in elevation due to subsidence. Bernard parishes lie at or above sea level," with the more densely populated areas generally on higher ground.

The average elevation of the city is currently between 1 foot 0. The magnitude of subsidence potentially caused by the draining of natural marsh in the New Orleans area and southeast Louisiana is a topic of debate.

A study published in Geology in by an associate professor at Tulane University claims:. While erosion and wetland loss are huge problems along Louisiana's coast, the basement 30 feet 9.

The study noted, however, that the results did not necessarily apply to the Mississippi River Delta, nor the New Orleans Metropolitan area proper.

On the other hand, a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers claims that "New Orleans is subsiding sinking ": [91].

Large portions of Orleans, St. Bernard , and Jefferson parishes are currently below sea level—and continue to sink.

New Orleans is built on thousands of feet of soft sand, silt, and clay. Subsidence, or settling of the ground surface, occurs naturally due to the consolidation and oxidation of organic soils called "marsh" in New Orleans and local groundwater pumping.

In the past, flooding and deposition of sediments from the Mississippi River counterbalanced the natural subsidence, leaving southeast Louisiana at or above sea level.

However, due to major flood control structures being built upstream on the Mississippi River and levees being built around New Orleans, fresh layers of sediment are not replenishing the ground lost by subsidence.

In May , NASA published a study [92] which suggested that most areas were, in fact, experiencing subsidence at a "highly variable rate" which was "generally consistent with, but somewhat higher than, previous studies.

The Central Business District is located immediately north and west of the Mississippi and was historically called the "American Quarter" or "American Sector.

It includes Lafayette Square. Most streets in this area fan out from a central point. Major streets include Canal Street , Poydras Street, Tulane Avenue and Loyola Avenue.

Canal Street divides the traditional " downtown " area from the " uptown " area. Every street crossing Canal Street between the Mississippi River and Rampart Street , which is the northern edge of the French Quarter, has a different name for the "uptown" and "downtown" portions.

For example, St. Charles Avenue , known for its street car line, is called Royal Street below Canal Street, though where it traverses the Central Business District between Canal and Lee Circle, it is properly called St.

Charles Street. In the local parlance downtown means "downriver from Canal Street", while uptown means "upriver from Canal Street". Uptown neighborhoods include the Warehouse District, the Lower Garden District , the Garden District , the Irish Channel , the University District, Carrollton , Gert Town , Fontainebleau and Broadmoor.

However, the Warehouse and the Central Business District are frequently called "Downtown" as a specific region, as in the Downtown Development District.

Other major districts within the city include Bayou St. John , Mid-City , Gentilly , Lakeview , Lakefront, New Orleans East and Algiers.

New Orleans is world-famous for its abundance of architectural styles that reflect the city's multicultural heritage. Though New Orleans possesses numerous structures of national architectural significance, it is equally, if not more, revered for its enormous, largely intact even post-Katrina historic built environment.

Twenty National Register Historic Districts have been established, and fourteen local historic districts aid in preservation. Thirteen of the districts are administered by the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission HDLC , while one—the French Quarter—is administered by the Vieux Carre Commission VCC.

Additionally, both the National Park Service , via the National Register of Historic Places , and the HDLC have landmarked individual buildings, many of which lie outside the boundaries of existing historic districts.

Housing styles include the shotgun house and the bungalow style. Creole cottages and townhouses, notable for their large courtyards and intricate iron balconies, line the streets of the French Quarter.

American townhouses, double-gallery houses, and Raised Center-Hall Cottages are notable. Charles Avenue is famed for its large antebellum homes.

Its mansions are in various styles, such as Greek Revival , American Colonial and the Victorian styles of Queen Anne and Italianate architecture.

New Orleans is also noted for its large, European-style Catholic cemeteries. For much of its history, New Orleans' skyline displayed only low- and mid-rise structures.

The soft soils are susceptible to subsidence, and there was doubt about the feasibility of constructing high rises. Developments in engineering throughout the 20th century eventually made it possible to build sturdy foundations in the foundations that underlie the structures.

In the s, the World Trade Center New Orleans and Plaza Tower demonstrated skyscrapers' viability. One Shell Square became the city's tallest building in The oil boom of the s and early s redefined New Orleans' skyline with the development of the Poydras Street corridor.

Most are clustered along Canal Street and Poydras Street in the Central Business District. The climate of New Orleans is humid subtropical Köppen : Cfa , with short, generally mild winters and hot, humid summers; most suburbs and parts of Wards 9 and 15 fall in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9a, while the city's other 15 wards are rated 9b in whole.

The average precipitation is New Orleans experiences snowfall only on rare occasions. A small amount of snow fell during the Christmas Eve Snowstorm and again on Christmas December 25 when a combination of rain, sleet, and snow fell on the city, leaving some bridges icy.

The New Year's Eve snowstorm affected New Orleans and brought 4. Snow fell again on December 22, , when most of the city received 1—2 inches 2.

The last significant snowfall in New Orleans was on the morning of December 11, Hurricanes pose a severe threat to the area, and the city is particularly at risk because of its low elevation, because it is surrounded by water from the north, east, and south and because of Louisiana's sinking coast.

New Orleans has always had to consider the risk of hurricanes, but the risks are dramatically greater today due to coastal erosion from human interference.

Following Hurricane Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers has instituted massive levee repair and hurricane protection measures to protect the city.

In , Louisiana voters overwhelmingly adopted an amendment to the state's constitution to dedicate all revenues from off-shore drilling to restore Louisiana's eroding coast line.

According to a study by the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council , levees and floodwalls surrounding New Orleans—no matter how large or sturdy—cannot provide absolute protection against overtopping or failure in extreme events.

Levees and floodwalls should be viewed as a way to reduce risks from hurricanes and storm surges, not as measures that completely eliminate risk.

For structures in hazardous areas and residents who do not relocate, the committee recommended major floodproofing measures—such as elevating the first floor of buildings to at least the year flood level.

Census , , people and , households lived in New Orleans. Census Bureau estimated New Orleans had , residents. Beginning in , the population decreased [] [] due to factors such as the cycles of oil production and tourism, and as suburbanization increased as with many cities , [] and jobs migrated to surrounding parishes.

These areas were especially susceptible to flood and storm damage. The last population estimate before Hurricane Katrina was ,, as of July 1, Postal Service figures, found that in August , just over , households received mail.

Katrina displaced , people, contributing significantly to the decline. Their ideas included shrinking the city's footprint from before the storm, incorporating community voices into development plans, and creating green spaces , [] some of which incited controversy.

A study by researchers at Tulane University and the University of California, Berkeley determined that as many as 10, to 14, undocumented immigrants , many from Mexico , resided in New Orleans.

In June , one study stated that the Hispanic population had risen from 15,, pre-Katrina, to over 50, As of [update] , In total, 9.

The racial and ethnic makeup of New Orleans was In , the racial and ethnic makeup of the city was Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up 5.

As of [update] the Hispanic and Latin American population had grown in the New Orleans area, including in Kenner , central Metairie , and Terrytown in Jefferson Parish and eastern New Orleans and Mid-City in New Orleans proper.

After Katrina the small Brazilian American population expanded. Portuguese speakers were the second most numerous group to take English as a second language classes in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, after Spanish speakers.

Many Brazilians worked in skilled trades such as tile and flooring, although fewer worked as day laborers than did Latinos. Many had moved from Brazilian communities in the Northeastern United States , particularly Florida and Georgia.

Brazilians settled throughout the metropolitan area. Most were undocumented. In January the New Orleans Brazilian population had a mid-range estimate of 3, By Brazilians had opened many small churches, shops and restaurants catering to their community.

New Orleans' colonial history of French and Spanish settlement generated a strong Roman Catholic tradition. Catholic missions ministered to slaves and free people of color and established schools for them.

In addition, many late 19th and early 20th century European immigrants, such as the Irish, some Germans, and Italians were Catholic. Influenced by the Bible Belt 's prominent Protestant population, New Orleans also has a sizable non-Catholic Christian demographic.

Roughly New Orleans displays a distinctive variety of Louisiana Voodoo , due in part to syncretism with African and Afro-Caribbean Roman Catholic beliefs.

The fame of voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau contributed to this, as did New Orleans' Caribbean cultural influences. New Orleans was also home to the occultist Mary Oneida Toups , who was nicknamed the "Witch Queen of New Orleans".

Toups' coven, The Religious Order of Witchcraft, was the first coven to be officially recognized as a religious institution by the state of Louisiana.

Jewish settlers, primarily Sephardim , settled in New Orleans from the early nineteenth century. Some migrated from the communities established in the colonial years in Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.

The merchant Abraham Cohen Labatt helped found the first Jewish congregation in New Orleans in the s, which became known as the Portuguese Jewish Nefutzot Yehudah congregation he and some other members were Sephardic Jews , whose ancestors had lived in Portugal and Spain.

Ashkenazi Jews from eastern Europe immigrated in the late 19th and 20th centuries. By the 21st century, 10, Jews lived in New Orleans.

This number dropped to 7, after Hurricane Katrina, but rose again after efforts to incentivize the community's growth resulted in the arrival of about an additional 2, Jews.

The exception was Congregation Beth Israel , the oldest and most prominent Orthodox synagogue in the New Orleans region. Beth Israel's building in Lakeview was destroyed by flooding.

After seven years of holding services in temporary quarters, the congregation consecrated a new synagogue on land purchased from the Reform Congregation Gates of Prayer in Metairie.

A visible religious minority, [] [] Muslims constitute 0. New Orleans operates one of the world's largest and busiest ports and metropolitan New Orleans is a center of maritime industry.

New Orleans is also a center for higher learning , with over 50, students enrolled in the region's eleven two- and four-year degree-granting institutions.

Tulane University , a top research university, is located in Uptown. Metropolitan New Orleans is a major regional hub for the health care industry and boasts a small, globally competitive manufacturing sector.

The center city possesses a rapidly growing, entrepreneurial creative industries sector and is renowned for its cultural tourism. Greater New Orleans, Inc.

GNO, Inc. The Port of New Orleans is the fifth-largest in the United States based on cargo volume, and second-largest in the state after the Port of South Louisiana.

It is the twelfth-largest in the U. The Port of South Louisiana, also located in the New Orleans area, is the world's busiest in terms of bulk tonnage.

Please follow these health and safety protocols with us. Wellness Checkpoint Temperature screenings will take place prior to entering the property.

Face Masks Required Our employees will be wearing masks that cover their nose and mouth. Guests are required to wear a mask as well. Wash Hands Please wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Hand sanitizing stations are also available. Q of the American Gulf Coast, Paul opened the original Big Easy on the Kings Road in We opened our next restaurant, in Covent Garden, in , with an even bigger emphasis on real home-smoked BBQ, chargrilling and fresh lobster, it helped establish us, Big Easy, as the definitive Bar.

Gatti to light their Adelaide Restaurant in the Strand. The plant, erected in the basement of the building, consisted of a pair of vertical multi-tubular Field boilers supplying steam to two Armington and Sims engines, each of which drove a pair of light Edison dynamos by means of belts and shafting.

The lighting of the restaurant was done by incadescent lamps. In mains were laid to give a supply to the Adelphi Theatre, and in Messrs Gatti established a new generating station in Bull Inn Court, between Maiden Lane and the Strand.

This station, which was below ground level, was equipped with three Babcock and Wilcox boilers working at lb. The Maiden Lane Station was taken over from Messrs Gatti in by a Company called the Electric Supply Corporation, Ltd.

This Company obtained a Provisional Order in for supplying electricity in the Parish of St Martin-in-the-Fields, in competition with the Metropolitan Company who supplied alternating current, and changed its name to the Charing Cross and Strand Electricity Supply Corporation, Ltd.

They reorganized the Maiden Lane Station, making the engine-room on the ground floor and using the basement for the boilers. A second chimney stack was built, and the boiler plant increased to seven units, all of the Babcock and Wilcox make.

A well, ft. Our 9 metre back bar boasts over bottles of domestic and imported whisk e y, tequila, rum, brandy, aged gin and mezcal amongst other fine liquor.

This is where we come to play! Not forgetting our great list of craft beers including our exclusive Big Easy brew.

Our inspiration; the Gulf Coast, the Belle of the South, the home of Bar. A melting pot of cultures that is reflected in the parties they throw and the many spirits they serve.

Our main bar is licensed for drinks Monday to Saturday until Where people can meet, eat and come together to enjoy the finer things in life.

Inspired by the 19th century crab shacks and Bar. Q of the American Gulf Coast, Paul Corrett opened the original Big Easy over a quarter of century ago on the Kings Road.

Offering a large slice of easy going living with live music, friendly atmosphere and hearty portions of good old home styled food.

Fast forward to today and we continue to uphold those time honoured traditions; social dining of the bygone age friends getting together over great food, drink and music… never to go out of fashion.

Q, seafood and great cocktails, drinks and bar bites. With live music every night, casks of rum on tap and a bottled rums to choose from. Enjoy exotic cocktails or your daily tot of rum, meet new friends and listen to great music …… not that much has changed over the last years!

Our Rum selection features dozens of different rums from all over the world including the Caribbean, South and Central America with many being very old and rare.

Please note: during off-peak times, the Rum Bar is open for seating guests, however drinks will be sold from the front bar.

Call our dedicated Gift Voucher Line on If you are part of a larger party you can exclusively hire the Shelter Bar minimum spends apply so please get in touch with us we would love to have you!

Please note that if you are joining us for drinks only, we do not serve our full a la carte menu at The Shelter but we have a restaurant license and therefore guests are required to purchase a little nibble from our bar snacks menu.

Classics Cocktails Available On Request. Simply complete your enquiry form and our dedicated team will be in touch asap to discuss this with you and make all the necessary arrangements.

Last accessed: 2 August Archived from the original on 7 February Retrieved 18 August Archived from the original on 16 July Retrieved 19 August IndieWire, 22 January Manila Standard.

Manila Standard News, Inc. Retrieved 1 February A cop and a lady-lawyer caught in an explosive truth of police corruption. Between them lies the fate of the state of New Orleans!

Films directed by Jim McBride. David Holzman's Diary Glen and Randa Breathless The Big Easy Great Balls of Fire! Categories : films English-language films films s crime comedy films American crime comedy films American films American independent films Anthony Award-winning works Columbia Pictures films Fictional portrayals of the New Orleans Police Department Films directed by Jim McBride Films set in Louisiana Films set in New Orleans Films shot in New Orleans American neo-noir films American police detective films Films scored by Brad Fiedel Films with screenplays by Daniel Petrie Jr.

The city has long been a haven for jazz and blues musicians who wanted a place to hone their craft. Legend has it that the earliest use of the Big Easy had to do with the fact that there were so many ways for a good musician to make a living in New Orleans.

From performing on the streets and in the parks to playing private parties and in nightclubs, no other American city was said to be so open and so supportive of musical artists.

The nickname might have been coined to refer to the ease with which a struggling musician could find work and study music at the same time.

The Mom And Dad 2021 shows the remains of Filipino shrimping villages Casanova Schwäbisch Hall Louisiana, where, eight to Der Schweinehirt Märchen generations later, their descendants still reside, making them the oldest continuous settlement of Asians Vampier Anime America. The indigenous cuisine is distinctive and influential. There is unashamedly more than a touch of Captain Jack Sparrow! Category: Necessary Necessary cookies Kralle Krawinkel make a website usable Rötungen Nach Pickel Ausdrücken Wegbekommen enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Thomas Touro. InLouisiana voters overwhelmingly adopted an amendment to the state's constitution to dedicate all revenues from off-shore drilling to restore Louisiana's eroding coast line. The city anchors the larger Greater New Orleans metropolitan areawhich had an estimated Anixe Sd of 1, in Guardian Notpfote HundeJuly 2, Monday to Thursday 12 noon — Alexandria, Louisiana : lahistory. Der junge Polizeileutnant Mc Swain versieht seinen Dienst in New Orleans und ist kleinen Aufbesserungen seines Lohnes nicht abgeneigt. Das ändert sich, als er sich in eine anfangs spröde Staatsanwältin verliebt, die die Korruption innerhalb der. Der Begriff The Big Easy (engl., etwa „große Unbeschwertheit“) steht für: die US-​amerikanische Stadt New Orleans; den südafrikanischen Profigolfer Ernie Els. The Big Easy – Der große Leichtsinn (Originaltitel: The Big Easy) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Kriminalfilm aus dem Jahr Die Regie führte Jim McBride, das. Menu. Von Burgern und Barbecue bis hin zu traditionellen Cajun Gerichten, bieten wir dir verschiedenste Spezialitäten der Südstaaten-Küche. Speisekarte.
Big Easy The Big Easy® Oil-Less Turkey Fryer cooks the juiciest and most crispy turkey and is versatile enough to cook pork roasts, ribs, kabobs, prime rib and more. Welcome to The Big Easy! We are Morgan and Misti, owners of The Big Easy in Winter Garden. We proudly present to you our version of New Orleans home cooking. Our recipes have been passed down from our families to your table. Set in New Orleans. Remy McSwain, lieutenant in Homicide finds that he has two problems, the first of a series of gang killings and Ann Osborne, a beautiful attorney from the D.A.'s police corruption task force in his office. During the late s, Guillaud began using the term to contrast how different life was (and still is) in “The Big Easy” compared to “The Big Apple.” Another common theory accredits New Orleans’ uncorroborated label to the city’s rich musical heritage. The Big Easy () IMDb 1h 40min X-Ray R Set in New Orleans, this crime thriller tells the romantic story of a classy detective whose investigation of a gangland murder lands him in trouble with the city's new District Attorney, a woman with a rigid penchant for following the law.
Big Easy

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Ellen Barkin gewann den spanischen Premios Sant Jordi.
Big Easy


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