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Death In Paradise Insel

Die britisch-französische Fernsehserie „Death in Paradise” ist eine Mischung aus Schauplatz der Folgen ist die fiktive Karibikinsel Saint Marie, die mit. Die einsame Insel (The Impossible Murder). Staffel 6, Folge 3 (50 Min.) Das romantische Wochenende von Humphrey (Kris Marshall) und Martha Lloyd . Death in Paradise ist eine Fish-Out-Of-The-Water-Geschichte um einen im Grunde seines Wesens englischen Polizisten, der auf die Tropeninsel Sainte Marie in.

03 Die einsame Insel

Die einsame Insel (The Impossible Murder). Staffel 6, Folge 3 (50 Min.) Das romantische Wochenende von Humphrey (Kris Marshall) und Martha Lloyd . Saint Marie ist eine Insel in der östlichen Karibischen See. Sie besitzt etwa ein Zehntel der Größe ihrer nord-westlich gelegenen Nachbarinsel Guadeloupe. Die Ortschaft Honoré befindet sich auf Saint Marie, einer kleinen Insel in der Ostkaribischen See.

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Death in Paradise Season 7 Episode 8 : Melodies of Murd3r

Death In Paradise Insel
Death In Paradise Insel A team comes to the island looking for the fabled treasure of the pirate Leclerc. Group leader Daniel Morgan is injured in an explosion and another member Ian parks shot dead in Daniel's tent. Poole believes Daniel was the intended victim,especially when he survives another 'accident'. Storyline. Thriller writer Frank O'Toole and his wife Valerie are entertaining his agent Larry South and researcher Gilly White at their island home when Frank's corpse is pulled from the sea, having apparently been stabbed whilst out swimming alone. Frank had argued with Larry over switching agents as his book sales were falling and Gilly admits to an affair with Frank, which was known to Valerie. Death in Paradise character; Portrayed by: Joséphine Jobert: Duration: , First appearance: Series 4, Episode 1(first run); Series 10, episode 1 (second. Storyline. Faith healer Steadman King returns to the island with his wife Amelia after thirty-five years in America. During a healing session, his childhood friend, terminally ill Fabienne, is poisoned and dies. Steadman is the prime suspect, but none of the others from the congregation who drank from the same cup as Fabienne is harmed. Death in Paradise is a British and French crime drama created by Robert Thorogood. The show is set in the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie, and is filmed in Guadeloupe. [2] The series focuses on a detective inspector (DI) and his police team solving murder mysteries on the Caribbean island.

Richard Poole at the start of Series 3. Clues from Poole's investigation helped Goodman reveal the motive and the killer's identity; Goodman commented that Poole had 'solved his own murder.

He became the chief inspector on the island, and took to Poole's old habit of announcing the murderer in front of all the suspects and his police team.

Though he is very clumsy, often forgetting things or finding himself with nothing to take notes on, he has a knack at being able to solve murders instantly, looking at the meaning of small details, much like his predecessor.

He embraces Caribbean life much more than Poole did. He fell in love with his detective sergeant, Camille Bordey, often coming close to revealing his feelings for her.

He tried to stop her leaving when she requested a job in Paris, but conceded. He shared a passionate kiss with her just before she left the island. Her successor, Florence Cassell, also managed to get along with Goodman, often sharing jokes and they dedicate a drink to Camille after their first solved case.

He would later develop romantic feelings for Martha Lloyd and they kissed at the start of series 6. She leaves at episode 6.

After solving the case, he decides to resign as DI On Saint Marie to remain with Martha in London.

He is replaced by DI Jack Mooney Ardal O'Hanlon. Dwayne is the longest-standing officer of the Saint Marie police force, but utterly lacks ambition; he has complete faith in his seniors and perhaps too good an understanding of the criminal world on the island.

Dwayne often uses unlawful means to get his job done, and has an eye for the ladies, sometimes getting distracted, even by his senior DS Florence Cassell.

He is the go-to man for any investigations into the shadier aspects of Saint Marie. It is revealed he has a sister, who locked him in a trunk for three hours when he was five years old; this led to Dwayne developing a secret fear of the dark.

His parents divorced when he was very young and his father abandoned him after a few months of weekend visits, leaving Dwayne to grow up on his own.

As of Series 4, episode 5, he is the last remaining original team member apart from Commissioner Selwyn Patterson.

Dwayne later left Saint Marie and the team after series 7 episode 8. It was mentioned by Jack and JP that Dwayne went on a voyage trip with his father, Nelson.

A police detective inspector from London, Detective Inspector Jack Mooney is a recent widower, his wife having died from a long illness a month ago, although he gives the impression that it was longer when talking with others so that people won't feel too sorry for him.

Jack meets D. Humphrey Goodman, D. Florence Cassell and Officer Dwayne Myers from Saint Marie, acting as their London liaison when a case requires them to travel to London to track their suspects.

After solving the case, Humphrey resigned from Saint Marie Police to stay in London to be with his girlfriend, Martha Lloyd, but nominates Jack as his successor as Saint Marie's new Detective Inspector.

Initially assuming that this is just a holiday of a few weeks, Jack goes to Saint Marie with his daughter, Siobhan, but accepts the suggestion of this becoming a more long-term exchange for the opportunity to make a new life away from memories of his lost wife.

He has already begun work on renovating the cabin to dispose of old furniture and incorporate a bed due to his own discomfort at sleeping in a hammock.

While still just officially on holiday, Mooney assists the team in resolving a re-opened investigation into the death of a newspaper editor eight years ago, subsequently exposing those responsible for murdering one of the candidates in the recent mayoral election.

After this, he and Siobhan decide to accept the offer to stay. When Siobhan left to go back the UK to attend university, Jack felt alone, and he rarely goes home.

When Jack video calls Siobhan, he was shocked when she told him that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and decided to return to the UK to support her, but changed his mind, as he's still solving a current murder case.

Jack was delighted when Commissioner Patterson arranged for Siobhan to come back to St Marie to see him. In the first episode of series 9, Jack starts a romantic relationship with Anna, but was unsure if he's ready to move on from his late wife.

Anna asked him to travel the world with her, but was unsure if he wants to leave the island. Commissioner Patterson tells him that he never wanted to travel, as he always focus on his life.

Jack tells Anna that he won't traveling with her, but agrees to wait for her, when she reaches to London. Jack decides to return to his old life in London and depart St.

Marie with Siobhan. A recent graduated officer and Commissioner Patterson's niece, who replaces Officer Dwayne Myers. She joins the team in series 8, episode 2.

She's happy and excited when she has her first murder case with her new colleagues. Her partner, Officer JP Hooper is annoyed at her behaviour during duty, but has come to tolerate her enthusiasm and appreciates her genuine desire to do the job.

Ruby helps JP and offered him advice after he found out his wife, Rosey Fabrice was pregnant. At the beginning of Series 10, Commissioner Patterson mentions that Madeleine has secured Ruby a secondment to Paris, one which Ruby later indicates will remain 'indefinite'.

A detective sergeant from France, replacing DS Florence Cassell. She initially came to the island as an officer of Internal Affairs to investigate Florence's recent shooting and assess Mooney's competence as a detective, but after witnessing him in action she affirmed that what happened to Florence wasn't his fault and accepted an offer to remain on the island.

At the beginning of Series 10, it is mentioned that Madeleine left Saint Marie after being promoted, accepting a position in Paris where she also arranged a secondment for Ruby.

Characters who have featured in more than one episode of the programme, yet are not part of the main cast, in chronological order of appearance:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia list article. Main article: Richard Poole character. Main article: Camille Bordey. Main article: Humphrey Goodman. Death in Paradise.

Episodes Characters Richard Poole Camille Bordey Humphrey Goodman Saint Marie. Categories : Death in Paradise characters Lists of British television series characters Lists of crime television characters Lists of drama television characters Death in Paradise TV series.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata. Florence shot OMGGGGGGG.

DeathInParadise pic. WHAT WAS THAT!!! You can't end it there. What's happened to Florence???? Please don't kill her off!!!

Noooo, you can't end it like that! The show's cast previously described this two-parter to Digital Spy as "really dark" , with Ardal O'Hanlon explaining that "there was a sense that the tone had shifted slightly".

So yeah, it is, I suppose, a bit darker. Well, so far we'd say that definitely sums this storyline up — we dread to think what will happen next week.

Death in Paradise continues next Thursday February 14 at 9pm on BBC One. The death of Valerie Dupree at a plastic surgery clinic leaves Richard and the team baffled, as it would appear that Valerie killed herself.

Dr Jones reveals that Valerie was suicidal, but Richard is convinced that Valerie was actually murdered - her cup of tea suspected to be poisoned.

However, as the results come back negative, Richard finds it difficult to find the means. Suspect Jayne believes that Valerie was having an affair with Paul, but Dr Jones reveals she was having an affair with Paul, providing them both with alibis.

Richard then learns that the clinic itself was an illegal operation, providing criminals with new identities. A team of explorers visit Saint Marie in search of treasure, until the group's leader Daniel Morgan is injured in an explosion and team member Ian Parks is shot dead.

Richard believes that Daniel was the intended target and Ian died accidentally, but then when Daniel is involved in another freak accident, Richard questions whether Daniel is the murderer, causing the accidents himself to seem as though he is being set-up.

After asking Dwayne to bring him from the cells for questioning, they uncover a new obstacle; he has died overnight in the cells himself.

Camille's friend Aimee drops dead on a party boat, in front of Camille. Selwyn demands that an illegal drinking gang are arrested to help comfort Camille, but Richard turns his priorities to catching the murderer instead.

As he looks into the motives behind Aimee's death, Richard learns that Aimee was planning to move to Miami to sign a new recording contract, and Stephen was not happy about it, nor was Eloise, who was jealous of Aimee's successes, and wanted to sabotage her move to Miami.

Richard investigates the death of June, who was strangled in her rented villa. The main suspects are Doug June's husband and an old colleague of Richard's from the UK , Janice June's sister, who is the sole beneficiary of June's will and cleaner Estelle.

Richard learns Estelle is trying to sell June's stolen jewellery, but she has no real motive to kill June. When Janice recalls seeing one of the villa's owners leaving the crime scene, Richard begins to question whether June's murder is linked to a historical case back in the UK.

Saint Marie prepares for a hurricane. Researcher Leo Downs is found dead and the scene is staged to look like the result of a hurricane.

Richard works with his team to solve Leo's death and learns that Leo's colleagues saw him as a sycophant. He also learns that Damon had a motive to kill Leo, as Leo was in love with Amber, who was Damon's ex.

Despite this, every suspect has an alibi. Additional evidence is discovered when Skype messages found between Leo and his mother reveal that Leo had major plans for his next research project.

Philanthropist Malcolm Powell is shot dead at a charity fundraiser event. Malcolm's secretary, Vicky, claims that a man called Jack Roberts murdered Malcolm, but Jack Roberts is nowhere to be found.

Richard learns that Malcolm fled to Saint Marie from the UK when he defrauded investors in his company and suspects he was blackmailed in the build up to his death.

Fidel passes his sergeant exams and the team celebrate. Final appearance of DI Richard Poole Ben Miller First appearance of DI Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall.

Thea Holmes stands in on the set of a horror film for her friend, Lexi Cunningham. However, Thea is then found dead on the set, having been poisoned.

Humphrey learns that Thea was imprisoned years ago for a mugging she committed that went wrong, but is convinced that it should have been Lexi who died, not Thea.

He interrogates screenwriter Arnold Finch, who admits that he openly disliked Lexi. Humphrey also learns that Arnold was searching poisons up online.

As Humphrey continues his investigations, a suspect dies - appearing to have committed suicide, although Humphrey is not convinced, and looks deeper into the investigation, determined to not let the case close.

Gigolo Carlton Paris is murdered after an art exhibition. Humphrey learns that Carlton phoned the police just minutes before he died, claiming that a woman had a gun and was going to shoot him.

As Humphrey turns his attentions to the women on the island that Carlton had run into, he is left with a list of suspects and motives.

The team also learn that after Carlton's murder, only his phone and an old guide book were stolen from his house. Whilst a team of airline crew stay in a hotel on Saint Marie, air stewardess Natasha Thiebert is found dead.

Humphrey investigates Natasha's death and discovers she had been informed of a promotion within the airline just hours before her murder.

As evidence suggests that the pilot, Adam Frost, had been in Natasha's room prior to her death, the team are keen to talk to him.

They find a bottle of poison in Adam's room with his fingerprints on, indicating he murdered Natasha, but Humphrey believes Adam is being set up.

It is believed that Saint Marie's commerce minister committed suicide, as he had left a suicide note before his death, but the angle of the gun wound suggests that he was murdered.

Humphrey looks into the minister's death and learns that he had an affair with his aide, Lena. When Lena is interviewed in the presence of her godfather, Marlon, by Humphrey and Camille, it is revealed that Marlon is Camille's father, who deserted her when she was six.

A group of bird watchers join the island of Saint Marie in search for its rare green parrot. However, whilst the group are wandering through the jungle, Mark Talbot is stabbed to death with his hunting knife.

Humphrey and his team learn that Mark was an unpopular member of the birdwatching group, having had an affair with a fellow birdwatcher's wife, which resulted in death threats being made against Mark.

As Humphrey learns that Mark was only out of the group's sights for a couple of minutes before his death half a mile away, he begins to question the ability of the killer.

Unpopular land developer Alex Jackson is shot to death on his privately owned island, so Humphrey and the team sail over to the island to solve the murder.

The only people on the island at the time of the murder were Rosie, the housekeeper, Emily, the secretary, and Alex's three children. The prime suspect was the only one who had access to the murder weapon, but also the only one with an alibi.

Bad weather traps Humphrey and the team on the island with the killer. Only one of Alex's children were set to inherit his business, and when Humphrey learns that Alex was planning to change his will, he solves the case.

Final appearance of Sergeant Fidel Best Gary Carr. First appearance of Sergeant Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert.

Simon Winstone. Jake Peters, owner of a surf school, is shot dead and robbed in his workshop, despite it being locked from the inside, and there being no other possible way out.

One of Jake's students are already wanted by the police for stealing from the company, but Humphrey then realises that there are two more students with a reason to want Jake dead.

Jake's doctor informs Humphrey that Jake was terminally ill, helping Humphrey solve the case. When faced with competition for Camille, Humphrey steps up his signs of affection towards her.

Commissioner Patterson also introduces Sergeant Florence Cassell, who prompts Dwayne to become a temporary workaholic. Saint Marie Heritage Society celebrate the island's history with a meal, but all the guests end up with food poisoning.

When the president of the society dies from a significant amount more of the poisoning, a murder investigation begins, with Humphrey looking at the guests motives.

Only an hour before his death, the president rang Humphrey saying somebody was trying to murder him. Humphrey learns that the president's son argued with him just hours before his death, while the society's secretary, Teresa, was stealing the society's funds.

As he continues to work to solve the mystery, Humphrey's strong feelings for Camille peak. Final appearance of DS Camille Bordey Sara Martins.

First appearance of Officer JP Hooper Tobi Bakare. The residents of Saint Marie celebrate when the volleyball team proceed to the final of the Inter-Island Volleyball Championships.

Celebrations are soon shortened when high-profile player Shelley Kennedy is found in the back of her jeep, wrapped in a bedsheeet, stabbed through the heart.

With the news of Shelley's death quickly being reported from major news networks around the world, Humphrey and the team feel the pressure to catch Shelley's killer and understand why she was killed.

Overbearing boss Annette Burgess is murdered in her bed. Humphrey learns that her phone was stolen, and also that one of their main suspects, Dom, had secret links to Annette, giving him the biggest motive to murder.

Dom admits to killing Annette, but then Humphrey discovers that Annette was actually dead before Dom had even shot her. A murder suspect is shot dead in his prison cell.

Humphrey learns that the victim was strongly disliked - with both his wife and brother wanting revenge. Despite this, Humphrey fails to comprehend how the murderer was able to get away with killing the victim, as JP and Dwayne were both guarding the cell at the time of the murder.

Alongside the murder investigation, Humphrey's father flies over to Saint Marie to try and encourage Humphrey to return to the UK and reunite with his wife.

Humphrey buys a new boat for himself on the island while at the same time, a millionaire philanthropist is murdered on his yacht, while all the members of the group on his yacht are in the sea, and in sight of each other.

Next to the victim is a toy soldier, which baffles Humphrey. As the investigation gets underway, Humphrey and the team learn the philanthropist had run-ins with all of the suspects.

Saint Marie's outgoing governor, Caroline Bamber, is poisoned after accepting a drink from Selwyn at her leaving party. As Humphrey checks Caroline's bag for any potential evidence, he finds an unsigned note warning Caroline of her own death.

Caroline's private secretary, Ellery, informs Humphrey of an apparent blackmail scandal that was occurring between Caroline and the president, Francois.

Whilst working out why Caroline was murdered, Humphrey's search for a girlfriend through dating websites has little success.

Humphrey and the team are called to investigate the murder of a fashion model during a charity shoot. It transpires that the model had a stalker in the build up to her death, although she also had three other suspects with reasons to want her dead.

All the suspects have alibis, until Humphrey uncovers a photograph which proves one of the alibis to be false.

JP is shocked by the unexpected arrival of an old friend. Dwayne receives a text from his dead friend, Cedrik, claiming he was murdered, just minutes after giving a speech at his funeral.

The coroner had recorded Cedrik's death as natural, but further analysis of the body reveals Cedrik was actually smothered. With a limited number of suspects, Humphrey questions them all individually, but learns they were all playing cards on the night of Cedrik's death.

Then, when Humphrey talks with an elderly friend of Cedrik's, he learns of an occurrence 45 years ago, providing a motive for murder.

Whilst Humphrey's aunt Mary is visiting him on the island, she witnesses businessman John Green fall to his death from a balcony. John was new to Saint Marie and did not know anyone, although it soon turns out that John Green is a fake identity, with the victim actually under witness protection on the island six years earlier.

When Mary provides Humphrey with some information she manages to remember, Humphrey solves the case. Following the launch of his new restaurant, Robert Holt is stabbed to death.

His phone and wallet are stolen, with Humphrey and the team initially suspecting that a robbery is to blame for the incident. A bankrupt ex-prisoner is the only suspect to not have an alibi on the night of the murder, but the suspects with alibis have more developed motives for the murder.

Video footage taken illegally in the restaurant proves helpful in helping Humphrey realise who the real killer is. Just hours after an argument with rival treasure hunter Newton Farrell, Tosh Walker is murdered on Newton's boat; his corpse then thrown in the sea.

Newton is the prime suspect: the murder weapon is his and Tosh phoned his wife just moments before he died. However, Newton was seen at a drinking bar when Tosh died, puzzling Humphrey and his team, who cannot understand why Newton was set up, particularly by the victim.

A tourist, Sian Evans, is found dead in her locked bathroom. All evidence points to Sian committing suicide, but Humphrey is reluctant to believe she was not murdered.

His suspicions are soon confirmed when he learns that all of the suspects had various motives. Humphrey also bumps into nearly literally Martha Lloyd Sally Bretton whom he knows from his time in England and they set up a date, but JP's last minute nerves before his wedding nearly ends the new romance before it can begin.

Volcanologist Stephen Langham is found dead by the side of a live volcano, with all evidence pointing to death by natural causes, although Humphrey believes otherwise.

All of Stephen's colleagues have believable alibis, having clocked into the research centre using the entry card system at the time of Stephen's death.

The only other suspect, Joseph, was absent at the time of the murder, leaving Humphrey and the team unsure of what happened on the day of Stephen's death.

Florence's former classmate, Esther Monroe, is found dead at the foot of a cliff. Her death echoes the events of a suicide in local author Sylvie Baptiste's book, The Flame Tree.

The prime suspects: Sylvie, her editor Patricia and organisers Anna and Oliver all have alibis for each other. Humphrey also learns that Oliver had an affair with Esther prior to her death, and that Sylvie has a long-lost sister, Lizzie.

As the evidence begins to build, Humphrey realises who the killer is. Humphrey takes Martha on a romantic weekend to a hotel, but their time spent together is limited when the hotel's manager is murdered.

Humphrey cannot understand how the murder was successfully carried out when the only access to the victim's room was via a staircase, which Humphrey had his eyes on the whole time.

Humphrey suspects Irie Johnson, the hotel receptionist, may have played a role in the murder when the victim learned that Irie was masterminding a credit card scam.

However, a chance discovery by Dwayne helps the team realise the true identity of the murderer. The president and star player of Saint Marie's cricket club is found shot dead on the pitch after a night out.

Death In Paradise Insel Dwayne often uses unlawful means to get his job done, and has an eye for the ladies, sometimes getting distracted, even by his senior DS Florence Cassell. TV Movies Soaps Tech Samurai Bride TV Forums Newsletter. As the investigation reveals ties to a rumoured death at the zoo years ago, the team must also break in their newest team member; Ruby Patterson Shyko Amosthe commissioner's newly-graduated niece. Download as PDF Printable version. After solving the case, Humphrey resigned from Saint Marie Police Kinomax Deutsch stay in London to be with his girlfriend, Martha Lloyd, but nominates Jack as his successor as Saint Marie's new Detective Inspector. Richard teams Death In Paradise Insel with new München Mord Auf Der Straße Camille to work out who would want the bride dead; he learns that no one had entered or left the fifth floor Ndr1 Stream the hotel room during the celebrations, which leads him to believe one of the party guests Death Of Superman Stream be the killer. Richard learns that Charlie was having an affair with Sarah, one of the residents on the island, providing Sarah's husband with a motive to murder. Two rivals: Twitch Prime Dezember, who is Camille's mother, and Peter Baxter become Google Auf Deutsch Umstellen suspects. The president and star player of Saint Marie's cricket club Porn Culture found shot dead on the pitch after a night out. With Florence confined to desk duty, Dwayne gets a temporary promotion to detective. Lucas's body is initially nowhere Movie Stream Serien be found, but then a local boat crew hoist his body from the sea. Well, so far we'd say that definitely sums this storyline up — we dread to think what will happen next week. She was then offered an undercover job in Paris, and she decided to leave.
Death In Paradise Insel Die Serie ist das Erstlingswerk von Robert Thorogood, der bei einem Drehbuch-Wettbewerb entdeckt wurde. Sie ist eine Mischung aus Komödie, Drama und Krimi. Gedreht wird fast ausschließlich in der Ortschaft Deshaies im nordwestlichen Teil der französischen Karibikinsel Basse-Terre. Die britisch-französische Fernsehserie „Death in Paradise” ist eine Mischung aus Schauplatz der Folgen ist die fiktive Karibikinsel Saint Marie, die mit. In „Death in Paradise“ werden auf der Karibikinsel Saint Marie knifflige Fälle gelöst. Im Laufe von Staffel 9 gibt DI Neville Parker seinen Einstand und DI Jack​. "Death in Paradise - Die einsame Insel": Humphrey (Kris Marshall) steht. Staffel 06, Folge Humphrey möchte mit Martha ein paar romantische Tage.

Ich schaute mich um und konnte sehen, um sie alle zu lesen - Death In Paradise Insel es unbedingt aus. - Reviews und Kommentare zu dieser Folge

Der Schauspieler Tobi Bakare spielt die Rolle von Officer JP Hooper in der Vavoo Legal Death in Paradise seit Retrieved 28 February Google Fotos Archivieren, Newton was seen at a drinking bar when Tosh died, puzzling Humphrey and his team, who cannot understand why Newton was set up, particularly by the victim. Two Marquese Scott Catherine, who is Camille's mother, and Peter Baxter become immediate suspects. DID YOU KNOW?
Death In Paradise Insel Episode 1. 1/8 DI Richard Poole is sent to investigate an impossible murder on a tiny paradise island. Death in Paradise continues next Thursday (February 14) at 9pm on BBC One. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Just . Death in Paradise is a British and French crime drama created by Robert Thorogood. The show is set in the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie, and is filmed in Guadeloupe. The series focuses on a detective inspector (DI) and his police team solving murder mysteries on the Caribbean island. The programme's main cast has included Ben Miller, who starred as DI . Es wird sowohl Essen als auch Getränke serviert. Februar wurde die Produktion einer dritten Staffel angekündigt, die wieder aus acht Episoden bestand. Staffel 06, Folge 03 Humphrey möchte mit Lorne Sussman ein paar romantische Tage verbringen.


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