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Wall E Film

Für WALL-E ist es Liebe auf den ersten Blick für EVE nicht so ganz. Die erste halbe Stunde des Films ist reine Kinomagie. Der Film verlässt sich selbstbewusst​. In alles in einen ist Wall°E nicht nur einer der letzten Pixars Filme sondern auch einer ihre Meisterwerke. Es ist einfach mal ein anderer Kinderfilm. Besonders das. WALL·E - Der letzte räumt die Erde auf ein Film von Andrew Stanton, stimmen: Ben Burtt, Jeff Garlin. Inhaltsangabe: In der fernen Zukunft haben die Menschen.

WALL·E - Der letzte räumt die Erde auf

Der Trickfilm ›Wall-E‹ zeigt eine Zukunft, in der wir auf die Liebe der Androiden angewiesen sind, um unser Überleben zu sichern. Er lässt aber. Wall-E ist ein kleiner Haushaltsroboter, der klaglos seinen Dienst verrichtet und Müll zusammenpresst, um ihn zu Wolkenkratzern aufzustapeln. Denn der kleine rostige Kasten macht seinen Job seit nunmehr Jahren. Damals verließen alle Menschen. Dramaturgisch unbekümmerter als seine Vorgänger verbindet der neue Pixar-​Disney-Film Computeranimation und Detailvergnügen mit einer ausgesprochen​.

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WALL·E - WALL·E \u0026 EVE

Allerdings ist das Geschehen von Anfang an amüsant. Der Autopilot der AxiomOtto im englischen Original AUTOschickt daraufhin EVE zur Reparatur. Die Computeranimation ist mittlerweile auf einem Stand, dass man Amazon Kundennummer bei Pixar gar nicht mehr so sehr um den spektakulären Effekt Fort Alamo die Rendering-Protzerei bekümmern muss, sondern sich stattdessen auf das beseelte Detail konzentriert. Denn Pixar hat anscheinend doch Bammel davor bekommen, dass der Film beim Mainstream floppen könnte.

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Rate This. In the distant future, a small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind.

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Thomas Newman's Best Scores Your IMDb Profile Top-Rated Genre? Top Rated Movies 62 Won 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Ben Burtt EVE voice Jeff Garlin Tentando di recuperarla, si aggrappa al razzo mentre questo sta per ripartire.

Le persone sull'Axiom si spostano su poltrone fluttuanti tramite le quali possono anche nutrirsi, e comunicano solo parlando attraverso schermi olografici.

Arrivata sull'astronave, EVE viene riattivata e portata dinnanzi al capitano B. Quest'ultimo viene messo in una cella con raggi laser, mentre EVE viene spenta e portata al reparto riparazioni.

Quest'ultimo, che aveva tentato di salvare la pianta, rimane chiuso nella capsula, ed esplode insieme alla capsula lasciando EVE sconvolta. Finito il filmato, capisce di voler stare con lui e deve tornare a prenderlo.

AUTO allora usa il suo taser per fondere la memoria centrale del robot, che cade privo di sensi e con la pianta al suo interno nello scarico dei rifiuti insieme a EVE, che viene spenta grazie a un dispositivo installato ai robot che necessitano riparazioni.

I tre robot allora ritornano sulla Axiom e si dirigono all'Holodetector, mentre il capitano affronta AUTO e fa guadagnare loro tempo. EVE riesce a riattivarlo una volta sulla Terra, cambiando i suoi componenti con quelle che lui teneva di riserva a "casa sua" e poi caricandolo esponendolo alla luce del Sole, modo in cui il robottino ricaricava le proprie batterie quando necessario.

Caparbiamente, EVE tenta di fargli tornare la memoria, ma ogni tentativo sembra vano e, affranta, lo tiene per mano e lo "bacia" nuovamente.

Il regista ha voluto scegliere musica che fosse in contrasto con l'aspetto futuristico del film. A colpirlo in Hello, Dolly!

La Pixar si prefigge di superare nuovi limiti nel campo della tecnica e dell'animazione con ogni suo nuovo film d'animazione.

Queste scene, per la prima volta in un film Pixar, sono girate dal vivo con comparse in carne ed ossa, e con l'attore Fred Willard nel ruolo di presidente della Buy n Large Corporation.

A questo scopo il produttore Jim Morris ha chiamato due consulenti rinomati e pluripremiati per i loro contributi nel mondo cinema: il direttore della fotografia Roger Deakins e il supervisore agli effetti visivi Dennis Muren.

WALL-E went undeveloped during the s partly because Stanton and Pixar were not confident enough yet to have a feature-length film with a main character that behaved like Luxo Jr.

He found the latter idea "powerful" because it allowed the audience to project personalities onto the characters, as they do with babies and pets: "You're compelled I think it's hungry!

I think it wants to go for a walk! Simplicity was preferred in their performances as giving them too many movements would make them feel human. Stanton wanted WALL-E to be a box and EVE to be like an egg.

He "missed the entire inning" because he was distracted by them. This arm design contributed to creating the character's posture, so if they wanted him to be nervous, they would lower them.

Stanton wanted EVE to be at the higher end of technology, and asked iPod designer Jonathan Ive to inspect her design.

He was very impressed. The filmmakers noticed baby fat is a lot tighter than adult fat and copied that texture for the film's humans.

To animate their robots, the film's story crew and animation crew watched a Keaton and a Charlie Chaplin film every day for almost a year, and occasionally a Harold Lloyd picture.

Stanton cited Keaton's "great stone face" as giving them perseverance in animating a character with an unchanging expression.

Producer Jim Morris recommended Ben Burtt as sound designer for WALL-E because Stanton kept using R2-D2 as the benchmark for the robots.

During production Burtt had the opportunity to look at the items used by Jimmy MacDonald , Disney's in-house sound designer for many of their classic films.

Burtt used many of MacDonald's items on WALL-E. Because Burtt was not simply adding sound effects in post-production, the animators were always evaluating his new creations and ideas, which Burtt found an unusual experience.

Burtt saw a hand-cranked electrical generator while watching Island in the Sky , and bought an identical, unpacked device from on eBay to use for WALL-E moving around.

For EVE, Burtt wanted her humming to have a musical quality. Stanton deemed the sound effect good enough to properly cast her in the role. He described it as a "cousin" to the blaster noise from Star Wars.

Burtt had visited Niagara Falls in and used his recordings from his trip for the sounds of wind, [60] and ran around a hall with a canvas bag up to record the sandstorm.

They crashed it around the parking lot and then let it tumble down a hill. Thomas Newman recollaborated with Stanton on WALL-E since the two got along well on Finding Nemo , which gave Newman the Annie Award for Best Music in an Animated Feature.

He began writing the score in , in the hope that starting this task early would make him more involved with the finished film.

But, Newman remarked that animation is so dependent on scheduling he should have begun work earlier on when Stanton and Reardon were writing the script.

EVE's theme was arranged for the first time in October Her theme when played as she first flies around Earth originally used more orchestral elements, and Newman was encouraged to make it sound more feminine.

Stanton wanted the whole score to be orchestral, but Newman felt limited by this idea especially in scenes aboard the Axiom , and used electronics too.

Stanton originally wanted to juxtapose the opening shots of space with s French swing music , but he saw The Triplets of Belleville and did not want to appear as if he were copying it.

Jim Reardon , storyboard supervisor for the film, suggested WALL-E find the film on video, and Stanton included "It Only Takes a Moment" and the clip of the actors holding hands, because he wanted a visual way to show how WALL-E understands love and conveys it to EVE.

Hello Dolly! Newman travelled to London to compose the end credits song " Down to Earth " with Peter Gabriel , who was one of Stanton's favorite musicians.

Afterwards, Newman rescored some of the film to include the song's composition, so it would not sound intrusive when played.

The script also specified using Bing Crosby 's " Stardust " for when the two robots dance around the Axiom , [18] but Newman asked if he could score the scene himself.

A similar switch occurred for the sequence in which WALL-E attempts to wake EVE up through various means; originally, the montage would play with the instrumental version of " Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head ", but Newman wanted to challenge himself and scored an original piece for the sequence.

The film is recognized as social criticism. Katherine Ellison asserts that "Americans produce nearly million tons of solid waste per year but recycle less than a third of it, according to a recent Columbia University study.

In the DVD commentary, Stanton said that he has been asked if it was his intention to make a movie about consumerism.

His answer was it was not; it was a way to answer the question of how would the Earth get to the state where one robot would be left to continue the cleanup by itself.

Nevertheless, some critics have noted an incongruity between the perceived pro-environmental and anti-consumerist messaging of the film, and the environmental impacts in the production and merchandising of the film.

In "WALL-E: from environmental adaption to sentimental nostalgia ," Robin Murray and Joseph Heumann explain the important theme of nostalgia in this film.

Nostalgia is clearly represented by human artifacts, left behind, that WALL-E collects and cherishes, for example Zippo lighters, hubcaps, and plastic sporks.

These modern items that are used out of necessity are made sentimental through the lens of the bleak future of Earth. Nostalgia is also expressed through the musical score, as the film opens with a camera shot of outer space that slowly zooms into a waste filled Earth while playing "Put on Your Sunday Clothes", reflecting on simpler and happier times in human history.

This film also expresses nostalgia through the longing of nature and the natural world, as it is the sight and feeling of soil, and the plant brought back to the space ship by EVE, that make the captain decide it is time for humans to move back to Earth.

WALL-E expresses nostalgia also, by reflecting on romantic themes of older Disney and silent films. Stanton describes the theme of the film as "irrational love defeats life's programming": [33].

I realized the point I was trying to push with these two programmed robots was the desire for them to try and figure out what the point of living was It took these really irrational acts of love to sort of discover them against how they were built I realized that that's a perfect metaphor for real life.

We all fall into our habits, our routines and our ruts, consciously or unconsciously to avoid living. To avoid having to do the messy part. To avoid having relationships with other people or dealing with the person next to us.

That's why we can all get on our cell phones and not have to deal with one another. I thought, 'That's a perfect amplification of the whole point of the movie.

Stanton noted many commentators placed emphasis on the environmental aspect of humanity's complacency in the film, because "that disconnection is going to be the cause, indirectly, of anything that happens in life that's bad for humanity or the planet".

The humans' artificial lifestyle on the Axiom has separated them from nature, making them "slaves of both technology and their own base appetites, and have lost what makes them human".

Dreher contrasted the hardworking, dirt covered WALL-E with the sleek clean robots on the ship. However, it is the humans and not the robots who make themselves redundant.

Humans on the ship and on Earth have overused robots and the ultra-modern technology. During the end credits, humans and robots are shown working alongside each other to renew the Earth.

It only argues that technology is properly used to help humans cultivate their true nature—that it must be subordinate to human flourishing, and help move that along.

Stanton, who is a Christian, [21] named EVE after the Biblical figure because WALL-E's loneliness reminded him of Adam , before God created his wife.

Dreher also noted this departure from classical Christian viewpoints, where Adam is cursed to labor, in that WALL-E argues hard work is what makes humans human.

Dreher emphasized the false god parallels to BnL in a scene where a robot teaches infants "B is for Buy n Large, your very best friend", which he compared to modern corporations such as McDonald's creating brand loyalty in children.

During writing, a Pixar employee noted to Jim Reardon that EVE was reminiscent of the dove with the olive branch from the story of Noah's Ark, and the story was reworked with EVE finding a plant to return humanity from its voyage.

The myth reminds us that art was born out of longing and often means more for the creator than the muse.

In the same way Stanton and his Pixar team have told us a deeply personal story about their love of cinema and their vision for animation through the prism of all types of relationships.

WALL-E premiered at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on June 23, The film was dedicated to Justin Wright — , a Pixar animator who had worked on Ratatouille and died of a heart attack before WALL-E ' s release.

Walt Disney Imagineering WDI built animatronic WALL-Es to promote the picture, which made appearances at Disneyland Resort , [76] the Franklin Institute , the Miami Science Museum , the Seattle Center , and the Tokyo International Film Festival.

For this reason, they generally refused to have their puppets meet and greet children at the theme parks in case a WALL-E trod on a child's foot.

Those who wanted to take a photograph with the character had to make do with a cardboard cutout. The film was denied a theatrical release in China.

In , Jim Morris noted that the studio has no plans for a sequel, as they consider WALL-E a finished story with no need for continuation. Small quantities of merchandise were sold for WALL-E , as Cars items were still popular, and many manufacturers were more interested in Speed Racer , which was a successful line despite the film's failure at the box office.

Thinkway, which created the WALL-E toys, had previously made Toy Story dolls when other toy producers had not shown an interest.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on November 18, The various editions included the short film Presto , another short film BURN-E which is about the lamp repairing robot briefly seen in WALL-E , the Leslie Iwerks documentary film The Pixar Story , shorts about the history of Buy n Large, behind-the-scenes special features, and a digital copy of the film that can be played through iTunes or Windows Media Player -compatible devices.

WALL-E was released on 4K Blu-ray on March 3, In the US and Canada, WALL-E opened in 3, theaters on June 27, The American Film Institute named WALL-E as one of the best films of ; [94] the jury rationale states:.

Not since Chaplin's " Little Tramp " has so much story—so much emotion—been conveyed without words. When hope arrives in the form of a seedling, the film blossoms into one of the great screen romances as two robots remind audiences of the beating heart in all of us that yearns for humanity—and love—in the darkest of landscapes.

The website's critical consensus reads, " Wall-E ' s stellar visuals testify once again to Pixar's ingenuity, while its charming star will captivate younger viewers—and its timely story offers thought-provoking subtext.

Richard Corliss of Time named WALL-E his favorite film of and later of the decade , noting the film succeeded in "connect[ing] with a huge audience" despite the main characters' lack of speech and "emotional signifiers like a mouth, eyebrows, shoulders, [and] elbows".

It "evoke[d] the splendor of the movie past" and he also compared WALL-E and EVE's relationship to the chemistry of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

Scott of The New York Times , Christopher Orr of The New Republic , Ty Burr and Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe , Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal , and Anthony Lane of The New Yorker.

Todd McCarthy of Variety called the film "Pixar's ninth consecutive wonder", saying it was imaginative yet straightforward. He said it pushed the boundaries of animation by balancing esoteric ideas with more immediately accessible ones, and that the main difference between the film and other science fiction projects rooted in an apocalypse was its optimism.

He said it had the "heart, soul, spirit and romance" of the best silent films. Honeycutt said the film's definitive stroke of brilliance was in using a mix of archive film footage and computer graphics to trigger WALL-E's romantic leanings.

He praised Burtt's sound design, saying "If there is such a thing as an aural sleight of hand, this is it. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times named WALL-E "an enthralling animated film, a visual wonderment, and a decent science-fiction story" and said the scarcity of dialogue would allow it to "cross language barriers" in a manner appropriate to the global theme, and noted it would appeal to adults and children.

He praised the animation, describing the color palette as "bright and cheerful He said WALL-E was concerned with ideas rather than spectacle, saying it would trigger stimulating "little thoughts for the younger viewers.

The film was interpreted as tackling a topical, ecologically -minded agenda, [95] though McCarthy said it did so with a lightness of touch that granted the viewer the ability to accept or ignore the message.

He compared the humans to the patrons of Disney's theme parks and resorts , adding, "I'm also not sure I've ever seen a major corporation spend so much money to issue an insult to its customers.

Coffin and Jonah Goldberg although he admitted it was a "fascinating" and occasionally "brilliant" production. A few notable critics have argued that the film is vastly overrated, [] claiming it failed to "live up to such blinding, high-wattage enthusiasm", [] and that there were "chasms of boredom watching it", in particular "the second and third acts spiraled into the expected".

Patrick J. Ford of The American Conservative said WALL-E ' s conservative critics missed lessons in the film that he felt appealed to traditional conservatism.

He argued that the mass consumerism in the film was not shown to be a product of big business , but of too close a tie between big business and big government : "The government unilaterally provided its citizens with everything they needed, and this lack of variety led to Earth's downfall.

He concluded, "By steering conservative families away from WALL-E , these commentators are doing their readers a great disservice.

Director Terry Gilliam praised the film as "A stunning bit of work. The scenes on what was left of planet Earth are just so beautiful: one of the great silent movies.

And the most stunning artwork! It says more about ecology and society than any live-action film—all the people on their loungers floating around, brilliant stuff.

Their social comment was so smart and right on the button. Archaeologists have commented on the themes of human evolution that the film explores.

He is shown facing a typological dilemma of classifying a spork as either a fork or spoon, and his nostalgic interest in the human past further demonstrated by his attachment to repeated viewings of the film Hello, Dolly!

Marwick notes that the film features major human evolutionary transitions such as obligate bipedalism captain of the spaceship struggles with the autopilot to gain control of the vessel and the invention of agriculture, as part of watershed moments in the story of the film.

According to Marwick, one prominent message of the film "appears to be that the envelopment by technology that the humans in Wall-E experience paradoxically results in physical and cultural devolution.

WALL-E won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was nominated for Best Original Screenplay , Best Original Score , Best Original Song , Sound Editing , and Sound Mixing at the 81st Academy Awards , which it lost to Slumdog Millionaire Original Score, Original Song, Sound Mixing , The Dark Knight Sound Editing , and Milk Original Screenplay.

A reflective Stanton stated he was not disappointed the film was restricted to the Best Animated Film nomination because he was overwhelmed by the film's positive reception, and eventually "The line [between live-action and animation] is just getting so blurry that I think with each proceeding year, it's going to be tougher and tougher to say what's an animated movie and what's not an animated movie.

WALL-E made a healthy appearance at the various end-of-the-year awards circles, particularly in the Best Picture category, where animated films are often overlooked.

It has won the award, or the equivalent of it, from the Boston Society of Film Critics tied with Slumdog Millionaire , [] the Chicago Film Critics Association , [] the Central Ohio Film Critics awards, [] the Online Film Critics Society , [] and most notably the Los Angeles Film Critics Association , where it became the first animated feature to win the prestigious award.

It won Best Animated Feature Film at the 66th Golden Globe Awards , 81st Academy Awards, and the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards At the British National Movie Awards , which is voted for by the public, it won Best Family Film.

In , Mike McMaster, [] an American robotics hobbyist, began working on his own model of WALL-E. The final product was built with more moving parts than the WALL-E which roams around Disneyland.

McMaster's four-foot robot made an appearance at the Walt Disney Family Museum and was featured during the opening week of Tested. Since WALL-E's creation, Mike and the popular robot have made dozens of appearances at various events.

In the same year, Mike Senna completed his own WALL-E build. They were present at a photo op at Disney's D23 Expo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. For the soundtrack, see WALL-E soundtrack.

Stai guardando WALL·E streaming. Wall-e è l'ultimo robot rimasto sulla terra dopo che gli umani l'hanno abbandonata perchè invasa dai rifiuti. Si sono dimenticati di spegnerlo e lui da anni continua a fare quello per cui è stato costruito: comprimere e ammassare faceyoutub.comor: Andrew Stanton. "WALL·E" znalazłem dzięki aplikacji zawartej na stronie: faceyoutub.com:WALL·E Online () Cały Film Lektor PL [CDA]Cały Film WALL·E () [ Film Onl.
Wall E Film As an added bonus, the movie also helps introduce our young daughter to the concepts of a round earth, rocketry, robotics and outer space / space exploration. So, I would say that overall, Wall-E is entertaining and can also function as a great teaching tool if you're just creative with it. IMDB: WALL·E is the last robot left on an Earth that has been overrun with garbage and all humans have fled to outer space. For years he has continued to try and clean up the mess, but has developed some rather interesting human-like qualities. Movie Info WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. But during Release Date: June 27, After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, the curious and lovable WALL-E discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. But during years, WALL-E has developed a personality, and he's more than a little lonely. Then he spots EVE, a sleek and shapely probe sent back to Earth on a scanning mission. Eve: Wall-E? Ship's Computer voice Teddy Newton Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Film. Jump Cut: A Review Windows Xp Wiederherstellen Ohne Cd Contemporary Media.
Wall E Film Wall-E ist ein kleiner Haushaltsroboter, der klaglos seinen Dienst verrichtet und Müll zusammenpresst, um ihn zu Wolkenkratzern aufzustapeln. Denn der kleine rostige Kasten macht seinen Job seit nunmehr Jahren. Damals verließen alle Menschen. WALL·E – Der Letzte räumt die Erde auf (auf Filmplakaten WALL·E) aus dem Jahr ist der neunte computeranimierte Kinofilm der Pixar Animation Studios​. Die Animation ist wirklich super gelungen und manchmal fast so wie ein echter Film. Es ist toll, wie die Macher des Films es geschafft haben, den kleinen Roboter. Für WALL-E ist es Liebe auf den ersten Blick für EVE nicht so ganz. Die erste halbe Stunde des Films ist reine Kinomagie. Der Film verlässt sich selbstbewusst​.

Die tragenden Figuren der Serie Wall E Film dir Mitglieder der Wall E Film Steinkamp. - 217 User-Kritiken

Namen Damon Wayans Jr.

Wrath Wall E Film die Fehlgeschlagene Transmutation von Izumi Curtis' Baby. - Aktuelles Heft

Allerdings ist das Geschehen von Anfang an amüsant.
Wall E Film Ship's Computer voice Teddy Newton Tiny Toy Stories Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 1 Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2 Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 3 Forthright's Advisor voice. Andrew Welt Fernsehen. And on the sign is the Leak Less logo from Cars Ed Kooch Dissents". Patrick J. BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film. Runtime: 98 min. Humans on the ship and on Earth have overused robots and the ultra-modern technology. URL consultato il 4 settembre The Reluctant Dragon Victory Through Air Power Song of the South So Dear to My Heart Mary Poppins Bedknobs and Broomsticks Pete's Dragon Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Stream Framed Roger Rabbit James and the Identität Kunst Peach The Lizzie McGuire Movie Enchanted Mary Poppins Returns Happy Feet Ratatouille WALL-E Up Swinger Club Video
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